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Smelly Tooth ProblemsThe baby monster needs you in this monster dentist game because you have to show him that even monsters should have healthy teeth and also white ones so they can smile instead of being angry all the time. Use the mouse to fix the monsters small teeth.

Color Fishes Coloring PageColorfishes are really beautiful, here we have given some colorless fishes. Can you give these fishes suitable colors to make their life more happy? Just do it and be happy! Share these wonderful games to your friends. Use mouse to play.

装扮神奇独角兽可爱的神奇的独角兽你见过吗?快来看看漂亮的神奇独角兽吧,帮它换上漂亮的眼睛漂亮的毛发,还有其它漂亮的装饰吧。一起来玩啊。 游戏缓冲后点击按扭进行操作